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"Ella Minnow Peed" is a children's book about a small fish that is bullied at school until she goes to music class.

Ella Minnow is a tiny fish that is starting her first day at the Lake Cumberland Fish School. She is very worried about being so small in such a large school. Ella is bullied all day long until she goes to music class. 

"Ella Minnow Peed" teaches children that everyone is special in their own way and that each person has their own talents. The story is followed up by a personal bullying plan. 

This is a great book for children and teachers that want to learn more about bullying and the effects of bullying.

MSRP $13.54 paperback & $3.99 Digital.  Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and over 22,000 other bookseller websites and stores.



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